1955 Perth Proof Penny PCGS PR62RB

$7,750.00 inc. GST

1955 Perth Proof Penny PCGS PR62RB

$7,750.00 inc. GST

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Product Description

An amazing coin. Rarer than the 1930 penny! Now lets get this right. This coin is a PROOF.

Early proof coins are particularly stunning as they were produced using polished dies and were frequently struck multiple times to ensure that the full design became visible.

It is not the normal circulation strike that I can sell at the shop for $1.

The 1955 – 63 proof set was the first commercially produced set of Australian pre decimal proof coins. There are 55 coins in the series and the lowest mintage is the 1955 Perth Penny with a limited mintage of 301 pieces. So in effect there can only be 301 sets but with many coins lost or damaged or kept poorly the number will be far less.

This coin is a high grade for that date. The PR62 designation has an RB status meaning it retains a high level of original red colour. It is third party graded and guaranteed for life.

You may have noticed that we are looking for some numismatic items. If you have these items then trade ins are welcome. We also accept sovereigns and gold coins as trade in! If you have found a 1955 penny and you think that you’ve found the holy grail then look at it closely and compare the surfaces to the image on this coin! (Generally used pennies are worth around 10c ea)

We can also supply the full 55 coin set. Price on application.

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