1944 Australia Penny

$1.00 inc. GST


1944 Australia Penny

$1.00 inc. GST

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Product Description

This coin is included because so many of the public have been ringing me about a 1944 penny they find.

They go onto the web and google it and then get this link.


1944 Australian Pre Decimal Coin Proof Penny


I can tell you that the penny you have found is almost 99.99% surely just an ordinary one worth less than $1.

The proof coin that the dealer has is a rare item. It is a proof and one of 12 made for the mint’s controller to inspect.

However even that proof coin has problems which is why it’s sitting there for the last few years without being sold. You can see the PVC damage on the section above the roo and the obverse (front) has issues as well.

If the coin is slabbed and problem free then why are the details of that slabbing not shown?

If you want to see a nice proof penny then come into the store and ask me to show you one.